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Week in TV Wrapup 10/12/2009

House, Season 6 - Episode 4: Instant Karma

After a billionaire has exasperated all available options, he turns to House, and the diagnostic team for help in saving his only son. While House must still wait in the background while his medical license is being renewed, Foreman and Chase must find a way to fill up the holes for the review board on the Dibala case.

Not one of the stronger episodes of House I hate to admit. The story was fine, if not a little bit overly spiritual (whatever that really means), but much of the emotion seems story arced, and not really potent. Sure we always have the excitement of the case, and this one plays with your emotions a bit towards the end, but the real story is of course the Foreman/Chase drama. It's no real surprise that Chase's decision springs off a lot of mini-drama, and it turns out to be the glue that holds this episode together. Meanwhile, it is nice to see the original team working together again, though I don't know how long that will last.

Episode Rating: 6.75/10

Bones - Season 5, Episode 5: A Night at the Bones Museum

When an ancient Egyptian mummy is stolen from the Jeffersonian, and it's caretaker murdered, B&B are called in once again to solve the crime. Meanwhile Daisy, with some help from Sweets, is given one more chance to work on the team... but Sweets overbearing/worrisome nature frustrates Daisy who sees it as him spying on her.

I know most of my readers here aren't really aboard the Bones train, but it's episodes like this that I watch the show. Filled with awkward dark humor moments, silly situations, and so much sexual tension Hugh Hefner would feel anxiety, this is definitely one of the more entertaining episodes of the season thus far. The case is full of puzzles, but alas it turns out to be far more simple, and in the mean time we get to see Bones and Daisy geeking it out a little bit at a huge discovery. Perhaps the best part of the episode is that it's classic Bones. Tough, fun, a little bit off the wall, full of great character moments as we can see how they've grown over the last few years. Bones, much like House, is really about the characters, the cases are just there for combining elements... and this episode has all the character fun you could ever want.

Episode Rating: 8.00/10

Fringe - Season 2, Episode 5: Dream Logic

After a man claiming to see demons brutally attacks his office, the Fringe squad is called in to investigate. Though the case runs cold quick when the man dies of exhaustion right in front of their very eyes... just as similar cases begin to spring up across Seattle. Meanwhile Olivia continues to struggle with Charlie's death, seeking the aid of Sam Weiss once again.

While I'm not overly happy with the way Charlie was written out of the show, I have to say this episode proved to me that they don't really need him. Sure Fringe brings lots of X-Files elements to the table, but as a show of science it is far more captivating. This episode spent some time with the characters, mainly Olivia, but it was really about a fascinating case. The show loses a bit of traction towards the end of the episode, but no matter how bad Walter is always there to save the episode with great humor moments, and just a tad of social goofiness we love :).

Episode Rating: 7.25/10

Flash Forward, Season 1, Episodes 1-4

After a blackout occurs worldwide, Agent Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes) and his partner Demetri Noh (John Cho) must figure out the cause. Though this turns out to not be as simple of a black out as might imagine as each person was given a brief glimpse into their future 6 months from now.

I have to admit I've been watching Flash Forward's Hulu uploads, but I haven't been putting it in my week in TV review, which I do think says sort of how I feel about it. Being a big LOST buff, you can imagine this show appeals to all my senses, but it's not working so well. The show is smart, captivating, and David S. Goyer (for all his directorial faults) has created a great visual show... only one problem: I don't really care yet. The characters all scream care about me, but I don't. Perhaps it's their one, maybe two, dimensional characterizations, I just don't get into them and as such I struggle with wanting to see every episode. This is a real shame as the premise is so fascinating, and each new development makes me want to see more (Dominic Monaghan cameo in episode 4 = awesome).

Yet, at the same time, in terms of execution FlashForward suffers one great problem: Compulsive reminding the audience disorder. The show starts with a recap, then whenever anyone mentions their flash forward it hops to show you a quick snippet of it, so much so I've seen the main characters flash forward about 12 times in the first four episodes. CUT IT OUT ALREADY! I get not everyone watches the show every week, but they're doing it so much it drives me to the point of insanity. Please someone get in and fix it.

Episodes Medium Rating: 7.25/10

Other Shows:
Big Bang Theory: Fun episode, loved watching Raj and Sheldon go head to head, but nothing special. 7/10

Castle: Following up last weeks high laugh factor Castle holds strong with a tale of espionage and confidence men. 7.50/10

How I Met Your Mother: Rather weak episode following last ones laugh a second killer, even NPH could only manage a couple of good laughs. 6/10

Two and a Half Men: I usually just watch this show to kill time before Big Bang Theory, but this weeks episode was insanely funny, definitely one of their better episodes. 7.25/10

South Park: Ah yes, it's hard out there for 4th grade pimp... South Park preaches to the homeys. 7.50/10

So You Think You Can Dance: Well I'm getting back into my SYTYCD mood (as I've mentioned it's the only reality TV show I'll watch), and this weeks episode was another one of lot of promise nothing offered. See a couple of people I don't care about go home, I want to know the top 20 already, stop dragging it out! 6/10

That's all for this week, stay tuned! :D

3 better thoughts:

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

I haven't watched my CW shows yet, but maybe I'll post back my thoughts on Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and Smallville, because I know you're dying to know!

Univarn said...

@MVP go for it! Someone might as well.

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

Smallville - The Toymaker returns to seek revenge on Oliver Queen framing him for Lex Luthor's death. Clark receives a temporary ability to hear peoples thoughts and discovers what Lois really thinks of him. 8.5/10

The Vampire Diaries - Stefan has to come clean to Elena who discovers he's a vampire, meanwhile Stefan's brother is out creating a new member to their vampire clan. 9/10 (this show keeps getting better and better)

Supernatural - coming soon.

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