Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Movies You Laugh At, Not With

Ah, we all know the movies. They were made with such promise, such high hopes, but in the end you spend the whole time laughing at what they try to be. Examples include Lady in the Water, Battlefield Earth, the recent Dragonball Evolution. For me though, one film stands head and toes above them all.

Kevin Costner's 1997 post-apocolyptic film, The Postman. Beyond being shockingly cheesy, with an over abundance of *grrr* serious face dialogue, the movie rambles on about a heroic postman who becomes a "saviour." No, they really call him that. In fact it's one of the cheesiest lines in film:

Woman: "You're a godsend, a saviour."
Postman: "No, I'm a postman"

Are you giggling now? Well, you oughta be. Just sit back, look at that sentence, and rethink it. It's got to rank among the most idiotic lines in the film. Then you add to that the superiority complex suffered compulsively throughout the film in their attempt to make a hero out of nothing, and a villain out of everything, it just reaches that point. Don't deny it either, there is that point. The point at which a movie goes from being the most awful film you've ever seen to the most comically pathetic, almost as if it's a warped around and edge. It almost becomes enjoyable you can't help but keep laughing at it. The sad thing is, years later we still rent them under the dillusion of either a) it can't be THAT bad or b) we'll get a good kick out of it. It's unfortunate, but alas, when they hit this level of low, we all get sucked in just a little bit.

Do you have any film in particular like this?

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TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

ah Lady in the Water... maybe that will be my next review, it is somewhat of a horror. I'll check tonight and see how much editing I have to do to my old review of that, but honestly I don't think I laughed at that film, I think I slept through it.

LuckyCricket said...

A film called Dragon Wars, or D-War...something along those lines. Not sure why it looked appealing...perhaps the poster? The film ran like a live action manga film with disjointed dialogue and prophetic devices (i.e. "I am the Chosen One!", cue montage of other movie characters saying the exact same thing). If you have not heard of the film, great! Stay away. When I read this post, that film was the first to come to mind.

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