Monday, October 5, 2009

The Monday Corner 10/05/2009

Wahoo! That's right ladies and gentleman it's that time of the week again! Monday, we're all depressed, but have no fear I got everything you need for your movie blogging love. So grab your coffee (or beer or whatever) and get ready for the only thing of quality I do all week!

Life in Equinox Update:
Not going to be too busy of a week, basically just going to have my head crammed in a book Monday/Tuesday, but after that I'll be good to rock and roll once more! I do plan to get reviews up for The Proposal and The Taking of Pelham 1,2,3 (remake) up this week so keep an eye out for them!

As well my Samurai film marathon will be continuing (though it's only barely started). Films currently on my upcoming to see list: The Hidden Blade, Samurai Assassin, Harakiri, & The Twilight Samurai, so keep an eye out for those reviews. If there's any Samurai films you think I haven't seen (I've seen all the Kurosawa ones so no worries there), let me know and I'll look into it (or tell you I've seen it, but can post a review anyways)!.

I must say I loved all your feedback on my Love it or Hate it Movies critique, lots of great support and criticism! If there's anything you'd like me to, or not to, discuss/share my opinion on just lee me know!

For your Consideration:
I have to admit I'm putting this together Saturday night and trying to catch up as best I can on a weeks worth of blog posts. I kept commenting on the central blogs I read, but it's been hard to keep track with the more sporadic blogs. Anyways, here you go!

Zeus over at CELLULOID SLAMMER takes a look at the evolution of Jodie Foster as an actress.

Black Sheep Reviews takes a good, long, look at the Michael Moore feature, Capitalism: A Love Story.

Common Sense Reviews takes a long look at the work of their first classic cinema angel, Helga Liné.

Dain's Movie Reviews is back with a look at the 2009 Uruguayan film, Gigante.

One of my favorite character actors, Sean Bean, and his LOTR character Boromir find their way onto the list of Encore's Greatest Forgotten Characters

Entertain Me (Film Reviews) takes a look at the film that made Michael Mann a cinematic king, 1995's Heat.

Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind kicks off the October horror film season with the first of many posts on best horror films to come!

Nathaniel R. of The Film Experience Blog travels down memory lane remembering the great Madeline Khan.

Hollywood Spy has the trailer for the upcoming Dwayne Johnson family film: The Tooth Fairy (you really just have to see it to believe it...).

Life of a Cinephile and Bibliophile takes their first look at the classic Hitchcock thriller Rear Window.

THE DARK OF THE MATINEE hops in a time machine and rolls things back to the year 1999 in film.

Poll Update:
OK so it seems I'm heading back down to my usual poll voting results! *Cries* why don't you people even care!!! Did you feel sympathy? No? Darn... there goes my acting career. Moving on!

Results: You and Michael Moore Agree...
1) 75% of the time (4 votes)
2) 50% of the time (3 votes)
3) 100% of the time (1 vote)
4) Tie. 25% of The Time & 0% of the Time (0 votes)

This weeks new Poll: How do you think the U.S. Remake of Let the Right One In will pan out?
Recent cast additions: Richard Jenkins, Chloe Moretz, & Kodi Smit-McPhee.

Random Time:
Now it's time for my favorite section, a moment for me to reach out... and touch absolutely nobody (because I've been told that's sexual harassment).

- I finally figured out how you can tell if a modern sports film is going to be bad: If the movie hires any current sports commentator at all, there's a 95% chance it will be somewhere between bad and horrific.

- I would like to say congrats to THE DARK OF THE MATINEE for hitting #10 on Lamb's Blog Leaderboard for September!

- You know, just once in my life I'd like to watch a movie where, during an intense scene, the bomb expert disconnects the bomb 30minutes prior to detonation as opposed to within 5seconds. If they could follow up that with the line "Huh... that was shockingly anti-climatic" I'd love it even more.

- I kind of wish I had a knack for writing... I think I do alright here, but I just don't have the mind set for long term writing (nor the focus). I did try once... I tried to write a war novel. I got about 15 pages in and had killed off all my characters (some to dinosaurs) - so, yea, never tried again since then.

- You know when I took a film class at my college a few years back I found it surprising that 50% of the people in this class (of about 200 total) were people wanting to be directors. My school isn't necessarily known for its film studies... so can you even begin to imagine how people nationwide are trying to be directors right now? Of course not one of them thought they'd be part of the majority who end up working for local/TV.

- In honor of NBC's ratings this season I ask this question:
* If a TV show premiers during the height of a season and nobody is around to watch it, did it really happen?

That's all, hope you enjoyed it (or read it at all). Be sure to leave your comments with praise, anger, or whatever (I just love comments)!

2 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

Keeping a blog up and running when life gets hectic is a pretty tough trick (Lord knows I'm seeing that first-hand right now). Hopefully this week doesn't hurt ya too badly and you can keep the good stuff comin'.

Oh, and thanks for the shout out! Good to know I can write one item a week that people dig.

Good luck at school!

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

Thanks for the mention. I was actually was quite surprised in the last week how many search engine hits I got off my Helga Line post. Nice to see that there's other Helga Line fans out there searching for her. It's hard to find much of anything on her or her films on the web, I know I've searched, so hopefully as I continue to review more of her films it may be helpful to other fans.

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