Monday, October 5, 2009

Entourage Season 6 Review

Entourage Season 6

Well since I've been doing a lot of TV show reviewing lately as well I figured I might as well throw my two cents in for the collective. I've always enjoyed Entourage, though I fear at times it tries way to hard to force in obscure sex scenes for horny college students. By now we've got it, Vince gets a lot of women to put out.... no real shocker. Yet at the same time Entourage has some of the most fun and out there characters on television, making it highly entertaining and full of off the wall moments.

Season 6 follows the bounce back of Vince, following his very successful Scorsese-Gatsby adaptation. Yet this season really has nothing to do with Vince, and the writers seem out of angles. Vince spends the entire season at home or following around his friends as he is in between films. Meanwhile Drama has trouble on his hit show, forcing him to leave and seek out new employment, and Turtle and Jamie-Lynn Siegler go through the ups and downs of relationships. In fact the only character who consistently makes any progression throughout the season is Eric/"E". He goes through the struggles with his ex- Sloane, and seeks out employment at a high end manager firm.

E is a rather entertaining character, and has always been the crux of the show, but he's not entertaining enough in and of himself to carry a season. That's where Ari comes in. With a collective of stupid/silly situations, Ari is the seasons only real highlight (including a hilarious paintball attack of a company at the end of the season). Unlike last season though, this season just doesn't have the dramatic struggles to hold over. E struggles with his crazy new girlfriend, and Drama does Drama things that cause him his job, but it's more like a retread of the early seasons than something new to chomp on.

Sure, there are some developments, but most of these don't appear until the last couple of weeks. The developments of Lloyd (Rex Lee) is nice to see, but nearly worth the effort of sitting through the entire season. Sadly you could probably get away with just watching the final 3-4 episodes, and not feel like you missed a whole lot. I hate to say this, but I fear Entourage is on its way out in the idea department, and they'll need a solid season 7 comeback if they intend to become a staple in the pantheon of legendary HBO TV shows.

Season Rating: 6.00/10

Despite their best efforts the Entourage writers are seemingly running out of ideas, opting for massive cameos in favor of character development and intriguing setup.

P.S. If you can find the Matt Damon feeding the hungry children tirade online from the season finale, watch it! It's great.

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simran said...

Entourage is my favorite tv show. I watch Entourage online daily. I watch its all episodes. Its amazing. I never missed its any episode.My all family also liked it so much.

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