Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The David Letterman Saga

It's hard out there for Pimps.

So, if you haven't heard David Letterman apparently admitted recently that he had cheated on his now wife prior to their marriage with an assistant. This of course has lead the media to hop on the high train and ride it to oblivion, hammering anything that could possibly resemble news. Now I have to say, while I don't think anyone should ever cheat, the coverage hollywood and political affairs get goes way beyond extremism.

In fact I really have to take issue with. Do we need 24 hours coverage of marital issues? I have no problem with someone reporting a story if they find someone has been cheating, they did something wrong, got caught, I'm ok with that. I'm even ok if the couple decides to stick together or break up some time down the road with them reporting that... but I honestly can't say I'm fine with a months worth of coverage on their every move post issue... it's just not news. I don't need to know if David Letterman is going to apologize, or if they decide to spend time apart. I don't need to know what his wife's best friend (allegedly) is thinking. It's just not important.

Take the Jon and Kate breakup, which they STILL talk about, and people, for reasons beyond my comprehension, still read and are curious about. Can't we just let it go? I mean, it's not that big of a deal, but it is really 24hour news discussion worthy? Perhaps I'm just being a bore, but I'd like to think with all the issues in the world, bringing light to David Letterman's marital trouble doesn't qualify by comparison.

Oh, and by the way, the use of the expression "the story that just won't go away" when you're the only people who don't stop talking about it, is horrible use of logic.

Do you agree? care? wondering about the irony of me talking about something I don't want people to talk about?

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