Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Random Question

Since I don't have time to do a usual mid-day review I'm going to throw out another fun random question.

If you were a filmmaker which would you rather be?

1) An independent film maker (true independent, not $25million budget independent)


2) A big studio film maker

Once again there's nothing to this, I'm just overly curious and want you all to feel involved :)

3 better thoughts:

DEZMOND said...

a big studio film-maker: it takes a lot of money to carry out my overly expensive visions :))))

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I'll be Martin Scorsese.

Does that answer the question?

Fletch said...

Neither or both. In other words, I wouldn't want to be either forever and ever. If I had to pick, I guess 2. You can still make fine films being a number 2; meanwhile, you might not feed yourself for long being a number 1.

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