Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top 100 Films Update

When I started doing my top 100 films list almost a year ago, I spent most of the time not debating the top 20-30, which flowed rather naturally, but rather the other 70+ films. So many reasons to pick every film, and of course the constant knowledge that there's just sooooooo many films I haven't seen! I decided the criteria for my top 100, and from there went on evaluating all the movies, based on them. When I got down to the final 10 I was torn. I had about 6 films I knew I had to include (such as at least one Bond film), and some I knew I would be lying if I didn't include (High Fidelity)... Much like Rob's issue in HF I threw in The Departed as sort of a placeholder. It's good enough I don't regret putting it there, but after having trekked a bit further into film I've decided to replace it.

This move won't affect any other film on the list, no moving up or down of other films. Instead I've decided that based on an equal entertainment value, plus added cultural, and intellectual values, the film The Seventh Seal will take that 97th spot. Since that review is already up I'll tag it and move it over as such. Late today I'll be putting up a review of my 96th film: Se7en.

Hope you all have a great day! :)

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Danny King said...

Se7en would definitely be in my Top 100. In fact, it is probably the best serial killer movie I've ever seen. Look forward to that review.

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