Friday, September 18, 2009

One Month Plus and Loving It

So about 10 days ago was my 1 month "anniversary," which I forgot about it (-1 straight guy card for a one month anniversary, +1 for forgetting it!), on this blog. Only one month, 21 lovely readers, and 85ish arguably mediocre entries! I love it here so far, and am very glad I made the move from RottenTomatoes to here, the freedom is just refreshing.

Thanks to everyone who has made this first month on here so worth it, taking the time to read my entries, and commenting with your honest opinions, it makes me enjoy being here all the more. Can't wait till I hit 1 year, 3 years, and if I'm lucky enough 5 years (assuming I don't win the lottery by then)! Thanks again everyone, and hope you all continue to enjoy the posts I do (P.S. in about 2 months I'm going to run out of my top 100 films, so more ideas of things to do would be appreciated :P).

3 better thoughts:

DEZMOND said...

congratulations on the big jubilee
Where's the cake? :)

The Mad Hatter said...

21 readers in a month?? Damn, kinda makes me feel sad for only attracting 26 in 2 years...

But then again, what's that they say about quality over quantity.

Jokes aside, keep up the good work man. The first stretch can be the hardest.

Univarn said...

Haha thanks for the kind remarks :P. If I had to venture a guess Mad Hatter, I'd say I have lots of followers for one of two reasons:

1) Quantity over quality.
2) I'm a compulsive commenter and am always seeking out new journals to comment on.

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