Friday, September 25, 2009

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post

As beautiful as Kherington Payne is, even she can't get me to see Fame.

That's right everyone, it's time once again for the post you don't read the most, this weekends Obligatory Weekend Movie Post! What makes it different than everyone elses? Well besides the fact that I'm writing it... ummm nothing really.

Basically this exists because I want to bash every movie opening every weekend regardless of whether or not it's worth viewing. Just accept it, you know you love it, even though I've only done it, twice, including this one, and nobody commented on the other one. *cries* WHY!!!!

It's ok, it's ok... moving on. Here we go with your weekend commentary:

Surrogates: Bruce Willis + Action + Blonde Wig + Rosamund Pike = me in the theaters crying over it's false attempts at social commentary.... but oh yes I shall be there.

Fame: Here's what I imagine the studio executive conversation going like:
Studio Exec 1 (SE1): "Wow that High School Musical Film did well, didn't it!?"
Studio Exec 2 (SE2): "Yeah, I wonder if there's something out there we can use to piggy back it?"
SE1: "Hmmm, what about Fame? That's sort if like it isn't it?"
SE2: "Well it's a musical.... and about people close to the same age. But it comes with social commentary and subtext."
SE1: "Well, do we really need that?"
SE2: "Well, if we remove that, then do we really need actors?"
SE1: "Brilliant! We're already below budget!"

Three hours later 30 minutes from the original 1980 movie is on the floor and they've found their new HSM.

Pandorum: Sounding like an odd medication you get from a doctor. Over/Under: 20 times you say "oh come on, really?" while watching this movie?

Coco avant Chanel: Audrey Tautou *drools*... wait there's supposed to be other people as well? Why can't we just have two hours of Audrey!?!? Sheesh.

Box Office Predictions:
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs #1 with $15m
Surrogates #2 with $12.5m
Fame #3 with $7.5m

Odd Prediction of the week:
Right in the middle of Fame, Godzilla will appear and eat all of the cast members and finally rule over Manhattan. One can dream can't they?

So that's it for the big films being released Remember: Crime doesn't pay... unless it's a crime against film and then it pays approximately $30million after expenses.

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DEZMOND said...

Watching this list, I'd definitely go and see FAME ;)

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