Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Must Watch Fall TV Schedule!

Not sure what to watch this Fall TV season? Well have no fear I've got you covered Monday-Thursday. Why those nights, well this is a movie journal... Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are MOVIE NIGHTS!!! Duh :P. So I've put together a little guide for your viewing pleasure of shows that I would recommend watching. If you're not sure how much you trust my selections take these into account: My all time favorite TV show is MASH, my current favorite TV shows are Bones and Lost (which doesn't come back until late spring), I don't care much for reality shows (couple of exceptions), and I believe the CW network is the spawn of TV satan.

So here's my recommendations for Fall 2009 (which in my opinion officially kicks off tonight with Bones).

8:00pm - House (Fox)
- Heroes is dead story wise, they proved that last season, & why they would opt to go up against House is beyond me.
- Dancing with the Stars forces me to keep asking what qualifies as a "star"
- How I Met Your Mother is a solid alternative

9:00pm - Two and a Half Men + Big Bang Theory (CBS)
- Big Bang Theory is a geeks salvation show, you should be watching it if you aren't already!
- I'd rather sit in a dark room alone than watch Gossip Girl, sorry.
- Lie to Me seems like a solid alternative, love Tim Roth.
- Trauma looks like it has a great cast, but do we really need ER + outside running?

10:00pm - Castle (ABC)
- Perhaps the best show you didn't watch last year, Nathan Fillion is great (<3), and the chemistry with co-star Stana Katic = electric.
- I suppose you could watch CSI:Miami if you like your cheese served up in extreme amounts.

8:00 & 9:00pm - So You think You Can Dance (Fox)
- It gets really hard to retain my straight single male stature with this on my list, but I'd argue beautiful women in promiscuous clothing dancing justifies it. Granted this is quite literally the only reality show I watch (though I do have to click Mute every time Mary Murphy screams - annoying).
- NCIS is always a solid alternative for those crime show lovers.
- 90210 & Melrose Place, gag me please.

10:00pm - Jay Leno (NBC)
- Not much at this time slot really, it's basically news and a couple of test run shows.
- The Forgotten, starting Christian Slater, about a bunch of volunteers who work on unsolved cases has potential.

8:00pm - So You Think You Can Dance Results Show (Fox)
- If you watch SYTYCD on tuesday you might as well watch the results on wednesday...
- If you're a Fraiser fan you might find some solace in Hank, but for the most part this is a rather dead time slot.

9:00pm - Law & Order: SVU (NBC)
- This is a very balanced time slot, something for everyone, and few overlapping viewers so you can't really go wrong here.
- Lots of my friends are already on the Glee train, solid option but will be swapped out mid-season so be careful.
- Modern Family + Cougar Town seem like they may be good comedies for your 30+ crowd (I'll probably have a review up for Modern Family at some point).

10:00pm - CSI: NY (CBS)
- Not really much here either. You have Eastwick, an updated adaptation of The Witches of Eastwick, looks rather dull and uninspired (reminds me visually of Charmed).
- You still have Jay Leno as an alternative, but who knows how long that will last.

8:00pm - BONES! (Fox)
- This is a no brainer for me, I love dark comedy, and Bones not only defines it, but brings it out in perfect fashion. A must see in my opinion.
- If Bones isn't your thing, boo at you, but Flashforward on ABC looks awesome, and a good alternative.
- If you watch Vampire Diaries on CW I'd understand, but not going to recommend it.

9:00pm - Fringe (Fox)
- Fringe really grew on me last year, it's got some of the most creative story lines out there in the science fiction realm, and a lot of fun characters that are easy to relate with.
- CSI is still an obvious choice for those loyal fans.
- I feel the same way about The Office as I do Family Guy, if you're into it you'll always love it, but if you're not you'll feel trapped in boredom. Following with Community, looks like it has a chance, but Joel Mchale can be very alienating in his comedy.
- Let's face it the women will be watching Grey's Anatomy... why? I have no idea.

10:00pm - The Mentalist (CBS)
- I'm not this shows biggest fan, but it's got solid entertainment value, and a good cast. Though I still blame it for hijacking some of Psych's thunder.

So yeah that's your Monday through Thursday breakdown, with my recommendations for those TV lovers out there. Don't worry too much though my journal will stay movie focused, I just wanted to offer all the entertainment opportunities out there too you all :).

*Note: The times are based on their networks and US designated time slots, check your local guides for your personal information.

**Sorry to all the fans of CW programming, and Grey's Anatomy, I just don't get it... and on some level I'm happy I don't :).


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DEZMOND said...

You made me laugh a lot while reading your comments in this post :)

You have a poll over in my HOLLYWOOD SPY on your most anticipated fresh new shows this season.

Stana Katic is from my country.

PS I'm not a religious fan of the show but I like GREY'S ANATOMY :)) Don't know why I told you that LOL :) But all psychologists like to watch it, so I'm not any different.

Univarn said...

Thanks for the comment Dezmond. You got any more Stana Katic's over there, she's one heck of a beatiful lady, and if so I might have to visit for ummm... "educational" purposes.

You're telling me "all psychologists" watch Grey's Anatomy?!? My god... I think we have a pandemic on our hands, perhaps they need to see a psychiatrist? :P

DEZMOND said...

Well, people always say that Serbia is the country of drop dead gorgeous women :) so you are more than welcome to come and check it out yourself. In the form of an academic study off course :)

But to give you an idea, do the Google image search of these Serbian beauties and all will be clear to you: Ivana Kukric, Ivana Jordan, Nina Senicar, Ena Popov, Mia borisavljevic, Ceca Raznatovic.... and so on ... :))

Well, how can you not watch it as a psychologist when all of those characters are so messed up that they simply represent a perfect anatomy of emotional freaks :)

Univarn said...

*grabs plane ticket* on my way :P. I'll accept your Psychologist explanation, but I contend that over exposure to Grey's Anatomy will lead to the same disorders.

DEZMOND said...

then I could also say that the exposure to Serbian beauties will lead to you growing big boobs and long legs, if we use that philosophy of yours :)))

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Here I am another Grey's addict...okay not addict [anymore] but I still like it. Two and a Half Men is to me what Gossip Girl is to you although that does make me want to trade in my single male card.

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

I'll just ignore the CW comment, because I watch Smallville and Supernatural regularly, as I did Reaper before they canceled that. Those are the best shows on that network the rest is aimed at the teenage girls.

The only thing I'll agree with you on is The Big Bang Theory which is hilarious. I hardly ever watch FOX, anymore I believe the X-Files was the last show on that network I ever watched continuously. Best show out there is Chuck on NBC, if you like Big Bang you ought to like Chuck, first two seasons are pretty much available online to watch, 3rd season comes out beginning of 2010.

Univarn said...

like I said I understand people watch Grey's, and are big fans of it, I've watched it, and I just don't get it. It could be the first time I watched it was with some friends of the female persuasion who got caught up in every cliche attempt at drama (which sadly all shows do).

Two and a Half men I know there's a core audience that isn't into it, but Charlie Sheen is just sooooo good at playing the heavy drinking play boy with no morals (not a real stretch for him), same with Jon Cryer. It just cracks me up.

MVP: I'll front you Supernatural and Smallville, which I should by all definition enjoy, but just haven't gotten into. Though you have to front me Bones and Fringe on Fox :P

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

I don't know about Bones, as I've said before I'm not into crime shows. But I do plan on checking Fringe out eventually I just have too many other shows I'm trying to keep up with at the moment.

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