Monday, September 21, 2009

The Monday Corner 9/21

Welcome everyone to the third Monday Corner, brought to you in part by Nobody, when you need absolutely nothing, call nobody. Ok, sorry about that, that wasn't funny at all... and so ends my attempt at a stand up career. Moving on!

Life in Equinox Update
This has been an exciting week for my journal. Lots of commenting, interaction, new followers, voting, I love it! There's nothing that makes me happier than coming home to my email box with comment notifications in there, even if they disagree with me, it just makes this whole process so much more enjoyable.

On commenting: If I post a review up for a film you've also reviewed on your journal, feel free to leave a link back to your post in your comment (just don't make it the only thing in your comment). I'm a big believer in two things: That movie blogs only survive by community support and the more opinions you get the better off you'll be.

No real guaranteed new upcoming reviews this week, got a lot I need to do school wise, but I'll keep on rolling through my top 100, which I hope you're all enjoying. Will likely be watching Surrogates (reviews pending) next weekend.

For Your Consideration
Let me kick this off by saying I love you all for everything you write, it makes doing all of this so incredibly worth it! Also as a note, the following are in no real order, when I read something I want to share I throw it into a document at random so it's all on when I read your post :). I am for about 10 of these so nothing personal if yours isn't up here, there's lots I take into consideration when organizing this thing (if only I worked on my homework so diligently).

Final Cut counts down the top 100 romantic comedies of all time, do you agree? Check it out!

The Playlist: Night of the Living dead getting a CGI-3D remake? My question: why?

Common Sense Movie Reviews takes an in depth look at each aspect of their favorite Bond film, Thunderball.

Bada Bing! Movie Reviews takes a look at all the works of Quentin Tarantino from Reservoir Dogs to Grindhouse.

Blog Cabins' Tuesday Twelve Tags, how well do you know your movie taglines (no cheating :P)?

The Movie Ghoul takes a great look at the effectiveness of the Zombie genre, both classic and recent.

Would The Dark Knight have been better as an R rated film? The King Bulletin takes a peak.

Death's career choices have been a little shakey as of late, as The Movie Loon investigates his latest turn to franchise player in The Final Destination.

The Movie Shemps bring to light 7 smaller films you may not have seen, and should (ignore my stupid enduced comment at the bottom)!

THE DARK OF THE MATINEE and Movie Moxie wrap up their 2009 TIFF Coverage, musts for all movie lovers.

Late Entry: Nathan from the Film Experience blog went live with minute to minute Emmy updates, while sick and deserves some attention for it.

This Weeks Poll:
WAHOO!!! PEOPLE ACTUALLY VOTED!!! *note to self: if you do polls people want to vote for, they will* Psssh. I'll be honest I'm really glad when people vote in these polls, I love polls, and you voting makes me enjoy it so much more.

Favorite film viewing venue, Results:
1) At home with family/friends (5 votes)
2) Big local theater (4 votes)
3) Tie - Premier events & At home alone (2 votes)
4) Small local theater (1 vote)

This weeks poll question: How often do you read up on movie blogs?

Random Conversation Starters (hint hint :P):

- "There are 10 types of people in this world, those who know binary and those who don't." Leave a comment bragging about your awesomeness if you get this classic geek joke (no googling)! Don't worry though if you don't get it, I still love you.

- After the Taylor Swift/Kanye West incident Mr. West was called a Jackass by Barack Obama, went on Jay Leno to apologize (*paging fake tears*), and said he would take a long time off to reconsider his persona... Less than one week later tour dates for his new tour alongside Lady Gaga were uploaded. He performed true self reflection faster than you could order a McDonald's happy meal... way to go Kanye way to go (*cue slow clap*).

- Can someone explain to me the big fascination with "Unrated" cuts? They basically offer some more blood where there may not have been blood, and maybe a quasi-sex scene for teenage horns. Is it really worth the extra money? Note: I do love extended cuts.

- Did you guys know Sean Connery wore a toupee since he was in his early 20's!? That's right 007 wore a wig! I can't believe it, I feel my world crumbling around me... No wonder he never did any flips :). Thanks CS Movie Reviews for that info (see Thunderball post above).

- Today, while listening to news radio I heard the words "new development in the ongoing Jon and Kate saga..." 3 seconds later my head exploded, turned inward, formed a black hole, and sucked up the known universe.

That wraps it all up for this week's Monday Corner. Please remember to comment, complain, express your undying love for me, whatever works :P.


3 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

hey - thanks for the link love. And I agree, blogs are all about being part of a community. Any bloggers who aren't interested in feedback and conversation might as well go to Twitter :)

As for Kanye, I was amused to no end on Friday night, when at the premiere of a doc about The White Stripes' canadian tour, Jack White had enough quick wit to do this.

DEZMOND said...

Thumbs down for Sean Connery :) We, bald men, are the most handsome :PP

LuckyCricket said...

Thanks for the mention! Very nice Monday Corner this week and keep up the exceptional movie reviews.

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