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The Monday Corner 9/14/2009

Morning everyone, Ryan here with your Monday Corner for 9/14/2009. All the updates, randomness, and blogs of note from the past week to put you into a good mood for the week! I know I know, but it's monday! I sympathize really (at least you don't have to spend 4 hours today, class+lab, with physics), but alas we must go on and trek the harsh week ahead as we already begin our weekend countdowns.

So without further ado, here's your weekend corner:

Life in Equinox Update:
Not much in the way of updates here, if you are new to the site thank you for taking the time to read this. If you notice on the left side I put up a content article up for those who wonder what my reviewing method for movies is, and for those who are wondering what each of the articles I do are.

Ideally my new reviews this week will be: Sugar, Year One (ugh), Sicko, and maybe one other film. I may not watch Year One in favor of another film, we'll see how that plans out :).

This Week in Blogs:
Let's face it this is the reason why you're checking this out, you want to see if your blog is here and could perhaps gain 2 new readers :P. Well the joke is on you muhahaha... I don't know what the joke is, or why I performed an evil laugh... yeah, nevermind... here you go:

Movie Moxie's Toronoto International Film Festival Coverage 2009, combination of Vlogs and articles+photos, a must see for movie lovers.

THE DARK OF THE MATINEE's TIFF Coverage with great articles uploaded everyday.

Dain's got a thorough Good Night And Good Luck Review you should definitely check out if you've yet to see the film (booo at you :P).

The Playlist - Warner Bros. creates new DC Comics section in an attempt to keep up with Marvel's marketing plans. Let's be honest, as it stands now, Batman is the DC Comics bread and butter.

The Movie Loony - Ever wonder why bad Segal movies get more play than true classics of cinema? So does the movie loon as he analyzes some of the difficult to understand decisions TV schedulers make.

The House Next Door - Moving their Mad Men Mondays to Fridays, The House Next Door analyzes a bit of life within the world of AMC's popular tv show, Mad Men.

ThisTimeitWillBeDifferent - Upon the highly anticipated release of District9 in the UK, TTiWBD takes a realistic look at one of the most hyped movies of the year.

Blog Cabins - Weekly shattered glass contest with film posters... can you guess the movie?

Poll Results:

Since I know so many of you care because all of you take the time to do them (yeah I know my questions aren't great). Here are the results for this past week's Poll, The Worst Film in August:

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2 votes)
Halloween 2 (1 vote)
The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. (1 vote)

New Question this week: Where do you most often like to view films when you can?
The poll is in the upper right of the site, hope to hear as much feedback as possible.

Random Talk:
I don't know if you all care much about this section or not, I suppose it's mostly for me anyways, but I hope you enjoy it all.

- This past weekend I Can Do Bad All By Myself won top weekend at the box office. This move has inspired all box office writers to enter into a self imposed challenge: Who can create the worst pun off of the name? Box Office Mojo went with "Can do good" (Zzzzz), Box Office Prophets went with "Tyler Perry Does Good all by Himself"... man where's the creativity!?

Granted I've tried to come up with some on my own, but I end up writing anti-Tyler Perry articles and never a single sentence pun (I guess I wasn't destined for a career as a headline writer).

- Did you all see Kanye west walk up during the middle of Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at last night VMAs to criticize that Beyonce didn't win Best Female Video of the Year? That's something you say after the show... not in the middle of someone's acceptance speech. Oh and by the way, could he have looked like any more of an ass when Beyonce ended up winning Best Video of the Year overall instead?

- Is it just me or does Lady Gaga look like a crow with a phantom of the opera mask is in the process of swallowing her? Picture, here. My thought: go crow go go go!

Well that wraps up this week's The Monday Corner. I hope you all enjoyed it (or even read it). Be sure you leave comments with thoughts/recommendations so that there can be weekly improvement! Also, if you'd like to recommend a poll, review, or would like one of your blog articles to be featured in my monday corner beyond the ones I choose myself, email me at!

Till then.

2 better thoughts:

DEZMOND said...

Kanye did the same thing few years ago here in Europe, at the European MTV Awards. He was nominated for best video with a bunch of anonymous bands, and didn't win, so he jumped on the stage while they were giving out the award and said something like "Are you crazy, people, how can you give an award to them when my STRONGER video cost more than one million dollars?!?" :)))
Strangely, but he was rather right back then :)

The Mad Hatter said...

Hey thanks for the shout out! Good to know someone is interested in my limited TIFF experiences this year...

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