Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bones+Fringe Recap/Reviews.


After a man is killed Bond style (car, gun, and all), Bones and Booth are called in to investigate... they find their killer quickly, only one problem: he's jammed into the back of a car. Meanwhile favorite intern Wendell, finds his dreams quickly smashed when the company supporting his sponsorship can no longer afford it, and he faces the possibility of having to return to the poor town he came from.

Stephen Nathan and Hart Hanson's send up to Casino Royale and James Bond, a motif visited several times throughout the shows run, is an exciting and fun episode with a good amount of heart from recurring character Wendell. As well we have several side stories that add a good amount of character, and B&B emotion, as Booth continues to recover from his amnesia following his coma last season. At the same time, Hanson and Nathan revisit a motif they really love: that of someone going out of their way to do something right at the cost of their own life.

It's really something I admire about the show, it's love for people, even the sickest of them it wants to know and allow the viewer to get to know, even if it is just a little bit. This episode is filled with underlings and fun moments that'll definitely grab your attention. Unfortunately though it's not a must see. While us Die Hard fans will love it for the little insights it gives us, overall it's not a OMG episode that grabs onto the non-hardcore viewers who were likely watching Fastforward instead. Overall though: quality episode, not enough Sweets, and good side story with Wendell.

Episode Rating: 7.5/10


After a string of disappearances occur in Pennsylvania, the newly reinstated Olivia once again teams up with Peter and Walter Bishop hope to find some information on Olivia's strange vanishing act at the end of last season. It soon becomes apparent though that all is not what it seems to be and that the events taking place are a bit more... gruesome.

Fringe is by all accounts the new X-Files, minus the alien motif + insane science. Edgy, creative, out there, and when on a roll it's as entertaining as anything you'll find on television. If you're a Fringe fanatic, then tonight's episode is a must see, great developments on the whole Charlie situation (*grabs finger to avoid spoilers), and at the same time we get some cool look into the consequences that arise due to Olivia's hop to another dimension... simply put: super hearing. We're also introduced to a few characters that will likely be recurring as they play a subtle role in helping Olivia.

As well we have a nice guest appearance by Charles Martin Smith (The Untouchables) as the skeptical local sheriff aiding in the investigation. He doesn't do much, but my overbearing admiration for his character in Untouchables trumps all, so :P. The case this time around is fascinating, but only really picks up in the second half, and has an insanely crazy twist well worth watching the episode for! Overall it's a good episode, with some more character and story development, worth the watch.

Episode Rating: 8/10

As for Grey's Anatomy I took Andrew's advice, I turned it on... 5 minutes later: FRINGE.

Episode Rating: BAH HUMBUG!

Will likely post up a review of Flash Forward tomorrow once it finds a way into the realm of internet and magical muffins. Shhhh, don't tell anyone (pssh, it's not like anyone reads these anyways).

Till then *click*

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