Friday, August 7, 2009

Watchmen: Director's Cut (2009) 9/10


For those that have followed my reviews over at Rotten Tomatoes you'd know I was a big fan of the Watchmen graphic novel, and an over bearing supporter of its film adaptation. For all the flaws the studio release had I was in love with its style, and thanked Snyder for not making all the changes studios were looking for (setting it in modern day, removing key characters, etc.). And yet so much was missing... so much in fact I felt as if there had to be someone else involved pulling more strings than they should have. Now... I know why.

In order to make the film come in at around 2 and a half hours Zack Snyder had to sacrifice great character development, several very fun action scenes, and worse of all... the film's pacing. Forced to remove 25+ minutes, Snyder ended up cutting out what I now see as the fabric of Alan Moore's work, a truer, and more readily legible satire on superheroes. I feel almost as if the studio has robbed its audience, who have been publicly very split on the film, much in the same way they did with Stone's Alexander. Suffice to say, the Director's Cut of Watchmen is the only version you should even bother watching. Trust me you'll enjoy your experience a lot more.

As a side note to Studios out there. If you got someone whose batting 100 you don't pitch-hit for a shorter, weaker, him with glasses and a limp do you? Stop selling your films short! LOTR proved 3 billion+ times, people are willing to watch 3 hour long films if they have the content!!!!

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Chase Kahn said...

Hmm. I was not a fan of the film -- I found it to be nihilistic camp, pretty picutres with no substance, the polar opposite of Moore's work -- but I do love the graphic novel.

However, I do have a date with the Watchmen Directors Cut Blu-ray. I think I owe it to everyone involved to see their whole vision, so I'll give it shot sometime in the next few weeks and post what I thought about it.

Univarn said...

Well I won't say it'll change your mind entirely but I think it'll bring up your grade of it 1/2 a letter. It's definitely the way the film should have seen. It doesn't do much for Moore's original depth, it just better grasps the characters, and overall a better film.

Prestonkm said...

I do remember reading your review for the film on Rotten Tomatoes a while back, and I believe you gave the film an 8/10 (the theatrical cut of "Watchmen". I've followed your journal enough on RT to know that you rarely give films over an 8/10, so I know just from your rating that you do truly support the director's cut. For me, I gave the theatrical version a 7/10, and I think I would give the director's cut an 8/10. I can't wait for the ultimate edition to come out! Great review!!!

Danny King said...

I definitely agree with you here. As a pure cinematic experience, Watchmen is one of the best I've had all year. It's a very dark film, but also a smart one, and Snyder does an excellent job of capturing the mood of the novel. Most of the performances are also quite good -- Haley, Morgan, and Wilson.

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