Monday, August 24, 2009

Looking For Feedback + My World Stuff

For those that have followed my journal for a while will know I enjoy writing down random things. These are usually a collections of obscure thoughts that I have throughout a given day. For your amusement I write them down and share them with you all for kicks and giggles, or whatever you do when you laugh. Sometimes these are thoughtful, sometimes they're just stupid. Some examples of these would be "If 2 wrongs don't make a right, can 3 wrongs make a right triangle?" and "f I find a panda bear on the street should I a) run away very quickly. b) give him a big hug and call him Lionel or c) Begin a Panda Bear army and invade Poland?"

The reason I bring these things up is because I'm looking for a bit of feedback on my journal. I'll likely continue the By the Numbers segment I started, and of course continue to write movie reviews, but I'd like to do some other things as well... And when it comes to other things there's only a few things I do well and absurdity happens to be one of them (I think :x). So I was wondering if my loyal *cough* readers *cough*... ok ok fine semi-interested kind of loyal reader... hi mom! :P (ugh I've gone off on a tangent again). Anyways as I was saying, what sort of things would you all like to see in future entries since I write these as much for those who read it as I do for my own enjoyment.

Do you all think I should stick with reviews, maybe the odd side column or two, or just go all out and see whatever comes to my head and throw it out there on a wim?? Let me know!


In other news, I feel I need to give props to someone whom I've bashed for a long period of time. Not because they've changed my mind but because he, like many other bad directors before him, has married a favorite actress of mine. Through the years my shticks and gags when it comes to Paul W.S. Anderson have been all over the place, previous installments of my W.S bashing include The Pepto Bismal Film Marathon and The Script Writing Hotline, inspired by Mr. Anderson's 2008 film Death race. Yet I must give him a congratulations.

You see, according to recent reports Paul W.S. Anderson has tied the knot with long time partner Milla Jovovich. I've always had a soft spot for Jovovich, dating back many many years, and I'm happy she found herself someone. But like I tell Len Wiseman (who stole Kate Beckinsale), you better treat her right Anderson, there's an entire country cheering for you to fail :). Anyways, congrats to the two.

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