Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Life in Movies

Tired of these yet? Feeling as if reading one more will slowly deprive you of the very essence of your being? Well have no fear, because there are still dozens more to be read! But of course, what would the world be like without Univarn's participation? Probably just fine, but that's neither here nor there. So toss on your top hat, get your very best jig ready, and prepare for A Life in Equinox's A LIFE IN MOVIES!

1987 - The Untouchables: Because when the going get tough, Sean Connery's Irish accent is all that can save humanity.

1988 - Grave of the Fireflies: Because real men cry just as easily as imaginary men.

1989 - Glory: Because I must perform years of penance for forgetting this movie during a crucial moment. Oh, and I think it's one of the finest films ever made.
1990 - Home Alone: Because as a kid I watched the HELL out of this movie. Wait, what do I mean 'as a kid?'

1991- Silence of the Lambs: Because sometimes I like to sit around and think 'hey, cannibals are just misunderstood.' Then I remember this movie and think.... nevermind.

1992 - Unforgiven: Because Gene Hackman 'ain't nuthin' but a g thang.' You know, I feel dirty for writing that. I think I need to go cry now.

1993 - Schindler's List: Because if anyone ever tells you that black and white doesn't have style, this is the movie you show them

1994 - The Lion King: Because this year sucks. Well, at least for this list. So many great movies came out this year. However, only one had the voice of a God - James Earl Jones, you complete me.

1995 - The Usual Suspects: Because sometimes when I develop a limp, I begin to wonder if perhaps I'm a super villain.

1996 - Trainspotting: Because Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Ewen Bremner, Kevin McKidd, and Robert Carlyle would make for a killer boy band.

1997 - Men in Black: Because I'm willing to forget the second installment if you are.

1998 - Saving Private Ryan: Because sometimes, war can like, so totally suck, yah know? Honestly, because this movie is amazing.

1999 - The Matrix: Because those feckers keep stealing my damn spoon! No spoon my ass, it was there a moment ago and then 'poof,' gone!

2000 - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Because this is the movie that introduced me to asian cinema, and life has never been the same sense.

2001 - Spirited Away: Because Miyazaki is my lord and savior. I pay homage to him on Sundays because I'm awesome that way.

2002 - The Pianist: Because emotional journeys transcend time and music... or something like that.

2003 - Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: Because if you don't know why this is on my list, you obviously don't know me very well.

2004 - Million Dollar Baby: Because even if lots of people like to hate on this movie, I won't. To me, this is just an all around great movie.

2005 - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Because up until this point, I was not yet sold on the validity of the Harry Potter films as passable entertainment. Granted, it must also lose points for bringing 'he who shall not be named' into the public zeitgeist... and I don't mean Voldemort.

2006 - Children of Men: Because from the opening credits to the closing credits, I'm hooked like Charlie Sheen at a meth convention every time.

2007 - There Will Be Blood: Because the fact that light doesn't shine out of the ass of Daniel Day Lewis while he's doing this performance is a plague upon all our films.

2008 - Wall-E: Because if I didn't have at least one Pixar film on the list, I'm 100% certain there would be a riot. Droves of people would charge along the hills screaming violently and calling for my removal from blogging... and I don't want that.

2009 - Moon: Because when Science Fiction is right, Science Fiction is awesome. And no, the Syfy channel doesn't know a thing about science fiction. They just think it's crappy monsters.

2010 - 127 Hours: Because tales of humans overcoming great odds to survive in extreme circumstances far too often get relegated to 'background' stories while TV wastes time talking about Reality TV stars and the worst members of our society.

2011 - TBD: Because one should always be open for the next film that may just take your heart.

Have a great Sunday everybody! And be sure you check out all the other wonderful posts at Fandango Groovers!

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Andy Buckle said...

Very nice list sir. We share three titles!

Ruth said...

Ahh 1991 - the year I was born coincided with the release of Silence of the Lambs. It's going to be my choice for when I finally do my own list (which hopefully will be in the next few days). And if only I was born in 1988, then I could add Grave of the Fireflies to that list!

Nikhat said...

We share Trainspotting and would've shared Silence of the Lambs if I had been born just a year earlier.
Great choices btw.

Lesya said...

It was great to read this post. Loving the blogathon!

Rich said...

LOL at the thought of Robert Carlyle in a boy band... especially as Begby :-D

Anonymous said...

Great list, thanks for taking part, I always thought you were older than you are!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Some excellent choices!

Anonymous said...

I NEED to see Grave of the Fireflies apparently.

Univarn said...

@Andy Thanks! I'll be sure to check yours out ASAP!

@Ruth You should call up your parents and say "I want you to know, you missed my Birth year by three years! it's all your fault!"

@Nikhat Thanks, same to you as well.

@Lesya It is a fun blog-a-thon. Then again, Andy's usually are.

@Rich Hey, don't go judging until you see it!

@Andy Thanks. You know, I get that a lot. I'm beginning to wonder if its my rant nature or just my general demeanor that makes people think I'm older than I am. Sure as hell isn't my maturity :)

@AlexJ Thank you

@Kai Yes, you do. But I don't promise you that you'll love, or even like it. Not a movie that's easy to feel that way with.

Brittani Burnham said...

I love what you said about There Will Be Blood. Great list! I'm somewhat surprised that we're the same age.

Red said...

Took me a couple seconds to figure out who you were talking about in the Harry Potter movie, but slapped my head once I figured out who it was. :)

Gotta love the inclusion of Moon.

Nick Prigge said...

Love that don't you hate on "Million Dollar Baby." Love it so much. And I also love your comment on "The Untouchables." And the inclusion of "Men In Black." I always seem to forget how great that film is.

Castor said...

First person I see to put Saving Private Ryan, a movie I must have seen 50 times. Funny, I just saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this weekend and IMO, it's the best one so far.

Thomas said...

Great list! You made a lot of the same selections as me. I can't believe I didn't think of Moon, it's such an amazing and underrated film.

Alex said...

Nice selection! Glad to see Moon here, of course, and Grave of the Fireflies! Both were close seconds for my actual choices. And dang, Men in Black. What a fun movie!

Fletch said...

How perfectly Univarnish. Though you should have titled it A Life in EquinoxMovies or something ridiculous.

The only one I'm a bit shocked at is Goblet of Fire. Not a bad film, but one of my lessers among the series.

And c'mon, MIB 2 ain't thaaat bad. It has its charms.

JL said...

Nice list, plenty of great movies here. We share two (Usual Suspects and Return of the King). And there are plenty you picked here that were definitely in the running on my list. Just so hard to make a choice on some years.

I really was considering Silence of the Lambs, but in the end I knew many would pick that and I just couldn't resist putting in a lesser movie that I've revisited many times from that year.

Trainspotting was another that I was very seriously considering, in the end though Sling Blade had to win that battle for me.

I also really wanted to include a Matrix movie, but each year that had one, I just couldn't call it my favorite of that year due to some other great movie being out. Boondock Saints being the one that beat out the first Matrix for me.

Really like the inclusion of Untouchables and especially Glory. Glory is just a great movie.

I also remember Home Alone being one that I watched the hell out of when I was a kid. Even going around trying to booby-trap my house after watching it lol

Madgestic said...

I've got GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES on DVD. It's there on the bookcase, sitting and watching me. It's been doing that for 3 years now. I haven't picked it up yet because I know it's a DVD case full of tears... but one day I'll just, you know, do it. One of those great, hugely moving movies I'm just too scared to see...

Univarn said...

@Brittani Either that or all the posts this past week are part of a large conspiracy by me to convince everyone I'm much younger than I am. Dun dun dunnnnnn. OK, not really

@Red It's OK, I tried to hide that reference as best I could :)

@Nicholas I do love the first Men in Black - wonderfully creative spin on conspiracy theorists.

@Castor It seems to me that lots of the movies I love have become increasingly popular to hate. Or, rather, popular to feel apathetic towards.

@Dan Moon is just awesome all around - real enjoyment through and through.

@Alex It seems that those three are the ones people are really attaching to. Which is nice, because usually when I put Grave of the Fireflies on a list everybody goes 'huh'

@Fletch I thought about it, but it was easier to guess the link ahead of time if I didn't do anything fancy. Yeah, I could have wrote it, posted it, returned it to draft, and stole the link that way. But alas, I opted for just guessing it based on past experience.

Oh, and as far as Men in Black 2 is concerned. Yes, yes it is.

@JL Were I more talented man, I would most undoubtedly have tried to create my own booby-traps for the house. Unfortunately, any efforts I made in that endeavor would sorely received by my blistered hands.

@Madgestic In fairness, a noteworthy number of people I've talked about the movie with didn't feel the same emotional connection that I did. So, I promise no tears for those who journey down that road.

Custard said...

hehe Another short one!! I think I have only seen 2 longer than mine....(uh oh that sounded just wrong)

Great list matey, we share some, which makes me happy!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, we both picked Grave of the Fireflies and Children of Men! Excelsior. I'll always consider Fellowship to be the best of the Rings movies, but other than that I've got nothing. Interesting that war-- in particular WWII-- seems to be the over-arching theme of your list between Grave, Glory, Saving Private Ryan, and so on. Was that on purpose?

Univarn said...

@Custard With 23(24 - kind of) items listed, I didn't want to bog it down too much with lots of paragraphs explaining each pick. Keep it simple and keep it interesting always works :)

@agcrump Not really, but historically speaking I've often found myself drawn to war movies - and they serve as the backbone upon which much of my love for film has been derived. So, I tend to give them high points for nostalgia.

rtm said...

Ah, you young'un you... ONLY 24 movies, wow, don't I feel old. Fantastic list, Univarn, I haven't compiled mine yet but looks like we'll have quite a few in agreement. Lion King is all kinds of awesome, entertaining but poignant as well... lots of classic scenes in that one.

Custard said...

@ Univarn you mis understand me matey, I meant short in years...not in content. Its a great list

Eric said...

Awesome list all around! You have inspired me to bump up Moon and The Untouchables in my Netflix queue. I have been meaning to see both for a while now.

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