Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Final Line Project: Clark Gable

February 1, 1901 - November 16, 1960

Select Filmography:

The Painted Desert
A Free Soul
Red Dust
It Happened One Night
Mutiny on the Bounty
Gone with the Wind
Boom Town
Run Silent Run Deep
The Misfits

Random Fact: Adolf Hitler held Gable in such high esteem that he went so far as to offer an award to anyone who delivered Gable unscathed to him.

Final Film Performance: The Misfits - Gay Langland, 1961.


"Just head for that big star straight on. The highway's under it. It'll take us right home."

Reflections: Gable's final line is, surprisingly enough, said in response to Marilyn Monroe's final line. And while it would be incredibly easy to read it from a literal point of view, I enjoy both from a more interpretational side. You see, following Gone with the Wind it was never easy for Gable to get back into the swing of things. Sure he had lots of other films, but few big successes. And I like that his final line contains some notion of finding his way back to stardom. Finding his way back to the big screen home which he so rightfully belonged. For that alone I appreciate this line. If not for the great strength in charm, laced in sex appeal, he brought to each performance.

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JournoMich said...

Oh. Gable. Now you're crossing into some of my favorite territory: classic cinema.

The thing that always stuck in my head about Gable was his love for Carol Lombard. Do you know that she once served drinks from bedpans for a party? She was eccentric, and that marriage of her personality with his take-no-prisoners public persona has always been magical for me.

I love this final line project! I'm going to look back at your others now...I see Jack Lemmon listed--another great actor! He'll always be Some Like it Hot, to me (another Marilyn connection).

I really came by to drop this link to you:
A foreign film that sounds interesting I thought you'd like. :)

Stick to classics and I'll be by all the time!


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

In the two years prior to his death I knew Clark Gable as a weekend guest at the Gable Ranch in Encino. I attended military school with Bunker, his step-son, whose Mom, Kay Gable had married Gable 5 years earlier. I was 11 when he died and had been spending occasional weekends at the ranch with Bunker when we were out of school. I knew Gable as a Cowboy, always in jeans and boots. Driving a jeep and riding the horses. Just a really nice man and great Dad. Kay was pregnant with John Clark, Bunkers half brother, born after Gables death. They were just nice family.

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