Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Obligatory DVD Release Post 4/12/2010

Chickens or Dumplings...

Dumplings or Chickens.....

Chicken and Dumplings!?

Wow! What an Idea! Next stop: HOLLYWOOD!

New Releases:

Pirate Radio: Don't let the horrendous renaming fool you, this is actually a fun film. Perfect for fans of British comedy, old school rock, and pure contrived tomfoolery! Still, I struggle to forgive the marketing people behind this one. It was my worst of last year, and rightly so. They dropped the turd to end all turds. It was an epic misfire. One of these days I'll think of a clever name for them.

Defendor: From our comrads to the north, comes a movie that just screams Uni-approved. I'm wondering if they secretly thought of me while making it? I suppose not, but a Uni can dream can't he? Dear Kat Dennings, Call Me. Sincerely, Uni.

Tenderness: Russell Crowe made a movie nobody heard anything about? Well, I'm not including Common Sense. Still, just check out his stache! He must have been channeling his inner Burt Reynolds. That may be worth the price of admission alone!
Other Releases: The Slammin's Salmon (why?), Love the Beast, Tenure, Madeline Movie: Lost in Paris, Three Kingdoms, We Believe: A Relationship That Lasts a Lifetime (I believe in cookies... does that count?).

Other Goodies:

Nightmare on Elm Street Blu-Ray: Well apparently this one got the bump to this week. Thanks to Jason for pointing it out (IMDB lied to me, I may never recover emotionally).

15th Anniversary Apollo 13: I swear as a kid I watched this movie so much it probably drove my parents insane. It was the king of all movies for me. Not to mention that everyone in it still Ace in my book (even you Bill Paxton).

Gone With the Wind Blu-Ray: This is normally where I would do a bad my dear, I don't give a damn play on sentences. But that's too obvious. Instead I'm just gonna say, I think Clark Gable had a charm like no other. He strikes me as the kind of guy who could talk anyone out of their pants. And, I do mean anyone... (*cough*).

There is also a Nightmare on Elm Street collection coming out, but I'll leave that to the horror bloggers. I thought after the second it was enough.

But that does remind me. Here in Greensboro, NC I actually live only a quarter mile from an elm street. I'm pretty sure there's a theater on it. So, I shall watch Nightmare on Elm Street on Elm Street. Because I'm stupid that way :D.

Have a good day!

2 better thoughts:

Snipes said...

Tenderness will be one of the last films I review in my 26 Days of Russell Crowe. You've never heard of it because it was one of those small independently released films. It only took Russell a couple days to shoot all his scenes so I'm not really sure how much he's even in the film.

Univarn said...

@MVP Only a couple of days? Hmmm, maybe I'll just wait for your review and see. You don't see many actors like Russell Crowe hoping onto these sort of films.

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