Monday, April 12, 2010

The Monday Corner 4/12/2010

Secrets of the Uni, Part 1:

When I was a kid I once began my own ninja training club. Gathering other school kids, we dedicated countless hours to training. We would climb walls, dress in black, and sneak up on people and attack. Greatly feared, we would become known throughout the school as: The Dumbasses. Hated, feared, and secretly loved by all, we would become kings of the school. Taking whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. We thought, times like this would last forever!

We were wrong.

After years of training, pillaging, and power, we encountered an enemy we could not defeat... puberty. Attacked by pimples, ravaged by hormones, we were admittedly unprepared for such a powerful opponent. Lost in despair, we hid ourselves in our houses. Quietly eating Doritos and watching TV nonstop. Weight gain, and isolation soon followed. These were the beginning of the darkest times in my young life.

So, is any of this true? That's for me to know, and you to figure out!

For your Consideration:
Let's go posting team! Let's go!

The LAMB has finally hit the 500 blog milestone! And what a great community it is! If you're not apart of it and you qualify, you better hurry up, or be forever damned!

Andy from Fandango Groovers got all the blogging world riled up in Cast Away celebration as countless bloggers counted down their 8 DVDs to have on a deserted island.

Nebular of CineMarvellous! has finally laid out his top 10 (+5) films of 2009! Been a blogging buddy since my early days at RT so head on over and check out the list!

Movie Moxie has seen Clash of the Titans (along with millions of other people) and has come out high in the positive. Perhaps I'll see it after all...

It's part 2 of Hot Docs time over at The Dark of the Matinee, and this time it's a teenage paparazzi on the loose. We should be proud, what we really lack as a society is voyeurism.

Couple of blogger announcements:
1) After long debate and, I'm sure, with a heavy heart, thistimeitwillbedifferent has changed his blogs name! New Name: - be sure to continue your support!

2) Film Forager saved up those precious pennies and now has their own domain name! Support, or I shall attack thee!

Poll Update:
Hmm, not as many votes. I suppose the question this week was a weak one. Oh well.

1. 4 votes: Dinner + Movie (you uncreative people you!)
2. 3-way tie, 2 votes: Walk in a Park, Mistaken Identity + Chase Sequence, Ninja Training (my people!)
3. tie, 1 vote: Shooting Range (girl + gun = hot) & What Kind of Date's Are These? (you lack creativity!)
4. everything else = 0 votes.

New Poll: With Death at a Funeral's remake getting it's release I want to know what is your general feeling on remakes?

No Random Stuff this week. Haven't had the time to be that random!!! I think my intro will suffice for now :P.

6 better thoughts:

Ryan McNeil said...

Yay! A Plug!! And for a movie I'm really anxious to see no less.

Hope you find my Hot Doc coverage even more entertaining as I start to actually start seeing these films and can react to them.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go listen to episode ten of the L-I-E Podcast...

Castor said...

Secret of the Uni: It seems to painful to not be true!

Nice collection of links!

Alex said...

Aw thanks for encouragement! I'm hoping over the summer to make everything look nicer, too, but we'll see what happens!

Also yeah yeah I voted for Dinner and a Movie, but I don't care if that's cliche! How could I pass up two of my favorite things: eating and sitting in front of a glowing screen?

I think my other perfect date might be a comic convention, though.

Sam Turner said...

I love the fact that after that opening, the final paragraph of that begins, 'no random stuff this week'!

Thanks for the plug and yes, every time I see that name written down I still get a little choked up. But hey, hopefully I'll look at the new one just as fondly in a short while.

Simon said...

It's true. It has to be.

Univarn said...

@MAD Can't wait for the actual coverage and what you think of the latest podcast. I debated called the last part of the podcast: The Mad Hatter segment :P.

@Castor & Simon: Maybe.... maybe, not. :)

@Alex I understand, I enjoy those as well (the few I've admitingly been on). I was hoping for more love via the obscurer ones.

@Intel Random is a frame of mind... or a box of chocolates. I always get my quotes confused.

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